Mindfully Parenting

Using the AWAKE principles, we has developed a program of Mindful parenting practices to help parents connect with their child/children in a loving, respectful and mindful way.

Acknowledging a child as a human in their own right, with unique gifts to grow into and share is a powerful connection. From this place, parent and child grow together and share the journey with respect, harmony and understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses.

As a family using this parenting approach it supports partners to co-parent, respectful of each others, beliefs, life experiences and needs.

The parent/s learns to support their child/children to grow into their unique gifts, develop self-regulation and know how to self-care, be self-aware and self-connected. Sustainable mental health practices for life.

Christyne currently facilitates this program, either 1 on 1, couples or online.

A small group (max 10) session can be arranged by contacting the office.

Email:  admin@kis4life.com.au

Phone:  0410269518