Christyne’s Journey

Hi, I’m Christyne, wife of Tony (gorgeous man he is), mum and grandma to some pretty amazing humans. I also have the honour and joy of being Nannie to some very special children whom I don’t see often but have a special place in my heart.

Okay, where to start, life is interesting, with many ups downs and in between’s. Its full of aha and aughhhh moments in equal spades some days, but its worth living fully, risking often and loving with all that I am. Yes, that has a down side too. You make mistakes, get kicked, and at times use our gifts unwisely but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am who I am today because of every bump, bruise,hiccup and relationship. Hindsight is amazing but only helpful if we apply the learning and oh boy there has been a lot of learning.

In my 6th decade I have the time and wisdom to now focus on me. Sounds selfish and indulgent to some I am sure, but its so necessary to my ongoing Health and Happiness as breathing. I was an all in girl. Meet it head on, put the situation first and me last. I could wait or so I thought. I can’t wait, I should never wait to get the left overs. I worked hard to help others achieve their happiness and dreams, fix what needed fixing and hold them up but it has a cost. Its huge and draining and it took me 50 years to learn it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have, had an an amazing life. Worked in radio, sport, education and fitness. I’ve lived overseas, traveled, had experiences many will never have, raised my family, lost loved ones, had health issues and arrived at today mostly in one piece with the addition of a wheelchair. I am alive and so grateful.

I’ve learned;

My faith is my centre.

We can’t change anyone other than ourselves.

Parenting is hard and just when you think you have it down pat, it changes.

Children never grow up for parents. They are always your kids even when their 40 and acting life a 2 year old. You are their safe place, their comfort and their source of irritation.

Say Yes to life

The past is the past, leave it there. Live in the NOW.

Mistakes are okay, its what we do with the learning after, that matters.

Be unafraid to flick out those who disrespect you. Its not friendship.

Some people come for a short time in our lives, others for a lifetime but all with a lesson we need to learn.

Marriage is a journey of highs and lows but a beautiful gift that requires, patience, kindness, respect and forgiveness.

Be myself, love myself and be comfortable in my silence and stillness.

I Rock !

I want for families:

I want strong, safe families who grow together accepting each others strengths and challenges.

I want children to be able to grow into healthy and mentally strong adults, ready to meet life’s many challenges and be unafraid to say Yes, I’ll give it ago.

I want them to be comfortable in their silence and embrace the strength it gives to themselves.

I want them to know JOY.

I want them to know LOVE in its purest form, given to them because they are worthy inspite of their imperfections and because of their gifts.

I want every child to have a safe place with total acceptance of who they are and be celebrated.

I want a lot but I think we should all want a lot for ourselves and others.