KiSLife: Safeguarding Communities

Blue Smiley ConfettiThe Delivery of KiSLife Safeguarding Communities:

The KiSLife Safeguarding Community program can be delivered through a range of activities designed to inform, encourage, and create safe spaces for protective and safeguarding conversations.

  • Introduction to what is an KiSLife Safeguarding Community, for the participant group

(20 minutes during usual meeting time.)

  • One day workshop covering the core Protective Behaviours community course, with KiSLife principles explained as effective tools to support these skills in everyday life.

(8 hours of content, may be delivered as one day, or in two part days if required)

  • Eight-week course, conducted in small groups, providing in-depth explanation and discussion of each of the topics covered in the one day workshop.

(8 weeks x 2 hours, small groups enable deeper discussion and development of KiSLife Safeguarding Community as a daily practice)

  • Review of organisational practices with Executive members to explain how to implement safeguarding strategies across every aspect of the organisation and community engagements. This includes an Audit Tool for being a safe organisation, which can be used by the leadership and Executive members when considering collaboration and engagement with other organisations

(2 hours minimum)

  • Promotion of the organisation as an KiSLife Safeguarding Community, and
  • Raising awareness within the wider community of the need for these key skills and organizational practices.

(Repeat One day workshop with wider invitation to other community organisations and general community members)

The Topics

Safeguarding Communities has foundation topics that must be covered.

These include:

  • Everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time.
  • Feelings and Emotional Intelligence
  • Early Warning Signs and The Safety Continuum
  • Nothing is so awful we can’t ask for help
  • My helping hand
  • All about Me and my body
  • My space is my space
  • Why it’s OK to Say NO
  • Secrets and safety
  • Being a safeguarding community: everyone needs to know how to be a safe person for themselves and others

The difference that KiSLife Safeguarding Communities offers is: this program has been designed to be delivered to children, parents and small groups and is open to all members of the community.

The language and skills are important for everyone to learn to be safe individuals, and as active participants in the wider community.

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KiS4Life will provide separate workbooks, relevant to each aspect of the program and specific to YOUR ORGANISATION that are suitable for individual use.

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