Christyne Williams and Elizabeth Way, have been great friends since first meeting in 2005. They  found a mutual passion for teaching family values, mindfulness, life skills and personal well-being, and share the joy of a fun-loving harmonious work-life balance.

Christyne and Liz decided to bring the best of their combined skills and experience together to form a business that would not only support themselves, but also assist others to achieve their best life. Will & Way Pty Ltd was the result. Their vision for a company was one that had strong ethical principles, was grounded in their faith belief and was a child safe organisation has been a journey of discovery for them both. They believe in the strength of a strong community with protective behaviour, language and truth.

Christyne is passionate about building strong families, child development and Montessori and most of all her faith and family.

Elizabeth is passionate about art as a therapy to recovery, Joyful mindfulness, her faith, family and friends.

KiS4Life is the result of this vision, combined with a lot of hard work and support from friends and family. Special thanks go to Tony Williams, Christyne’s husband, partner and awesome best friend, for encouragement and lovely dinners on our “working” days.

Elizabeth is currently studying Art Therapy  and Christyne is completing her Montessori for Dementia degree and enriching her counselling skills with up to date research results, CBT and counselling psychology courses.

Both have strong family connections and live life soaking up all it offers.

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