Recommencing a New Normal

It has been difficult shifting my brain back into work mode as not all our services are able to be recommenced. Those for the elderly in Nursing Homes are the most effected with visitors being heavily restricted. In-home programs have restarted and this is slowly getting back to preCovid normal.

Changing my mindset, back into life outside of the bubble I created for the safety of my family has been interesting. I liked my bubble, I discovered. Also that I had been working far too many crazy hours preCovid. After some discussion with hubby and family, I made the decision to reduce my work hours and load, remove the home office as it enabled those crazy.

I loved loved having my hubby around all day, every day. I loved the time to just be, to listen, to chat and mindfully engage. We realised we have let some things slip and needed to do better with each other. Some bad habits formed though during this hiatus. We stayed up late, we slept in for the first time in years. I then returned to better hours but discovered hubby loves late nights and slow mornings.

Back to work – Sort of.

Playgroup resumed in August with the return of most of our families, after a long break. Wow, how the little ones have grown. Babes in arms were now crawling and those crawling are now toddlers racing around the hall. With Covid came changes to our room location at Evelyn Gribble Community Centre, Brookdale and Covid restrictions on how we work. It has posed some challenges but my staff have done a fantastic job adjusting to the new normal that is the Covid space.

We are now in the main hall which is a huge space. We do not have an outdoor play area for water or messy play but the main hall has space to run and room for a lot of outdoor play equipment. Food preparation and delivery has changed but is working well. The menu has not changed significantly, so a blessing to be found. Craft has been single use items but is working out well. Deb is having to be super creative in the design process. Who knew toilet roll inserts were so important in preschool craft!

Term 4, began on 21st October and it is all about Christmas. Christmas craft, decorations, Santa photos and mementos to treasure. If you haven’t visited us yet, come on down any Wednesday 9.30am until december 2nd 2020.

Our Family focused programs are starting to be rolled out, but will not be back in full until Feb 2021, if restrictions have been lifted. Watch this space!

I feel positive about where we are headed in this post-Covid world. Being mindful of others and the routines and patterns we use is essential for staying healthy and in a healthy mind space. Managing our stress levels, connecting with others, checking in on those we love and being watchful of our neighbours needs. I hope this means we will continue to be kinder, thoughful, respectful and aware. It starts with you and me and grows as we spread it. Remember ONE person is a very powerful force. Don’t waste it.

Until next time.


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