Coronavirus challenges

How are you all travelling in these challenging times? Do you feel restricted, cut off, unsure or afraid? All these feelings are valid but they don’t serve us well.

Coming into this time of global crisis, I consciously made a decision to not buy into any of the hype, panic buying or constant discussion. Why, I strongly believed that it would buy into the fear and craziness around me on every social media screen, conversations and contribute to my families concerns alas allowing fear to grow. By stepping back, it has allowed me to take in the information i needed to keep us healthy and complying with current laws, support my family to self isolate and support my friends and faith community. It’s a challenge and each day brings another THING that has changed now requiring brain power that it probably hasn’t needed before.

Where do I get toilet paper from? I am going to need soap powder, shampoo, soap, cat food in the next few weeks. Never in your wildest dreams did I think, “Going on a bear hunt” would become “Going on a toilet paper hunt”. I’m struggling to understand how toilet paper fits into this current crisis. What it has highlighted, is how far our society has disconnected with each other and community (Global) thinking. What is in the common good?

So lets ask that question – What is in the common good? Is panic buying in the common good? What happens when those most vulnerable in our society need those items and can’t get them without going shop to shop. How do the elderly, disabled, mental health challenged or those without transport do this? Their anxiety levels rise and their ability to stay on top of it decreases. Is this in the common good? I do not believe it is.

Our church community went into shock when our church and church groups/activities was shut down. Never had this happened in Australia. My church life is very important to me and I am involved in many of the activities. So a group of us got together and created a Facebook group so we could communicate. This grew into our groups going virtual and doing video sessions. It has been amazing, faith building and supportive.

So, what can we do? Breathe in fresh air daily, get out into the sunshine and nature. Be present in that moment, feel the sun’s warmth and fill your lungs with fresh air. Listen with intent to the sounds of life about you. Smell the change of season and bask in the cooler days. Call your friends on the phone and talk about life, feelings and family but keep discussion around the Covid 19 to a minimum. Stay in the here and now. Recharge your batteries and see this time of quiet isolation as a gift that you can use to restore you to optimum health, physically and mentally.

I’m loving this pause in my very busy schedule. I’m relishing time with my kids and husband to play board games, read, sew, cook and spring clean. I’m sleeping 9 hours, eating at better times of the day, exercising, praying. The outcome is I am feeling connected to myself and my family.

Self-care, self-aware, self-connection.

God bless

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