Where to Now?

Its a strange world we are living in right now and there is the possibility that we could become overwhelmed with all the information and decisions being made that we have no control over. Or do we have no control?

We can make decisions for ourselves and our loved ones that support us to be mentally and physically healthy. We can self-isolate and if not possible minimise contact and practice good social distancing. Can we do more? Yes we can. Getting out into the sunshine for even 5 minutes a day is of benefit to you. Smell the air, the flowers and grass. Sit and drink a cuppa and allow your mind to rest. Observe the plants and insects around them. Daydream, its a wonderful brain relaxer.

It is important to also reframe negative thoughts. No we Can’t go to the cinema, but we Can watch a movie on Netflix, DVD or Foxtel in our PJs or daggy trackies at a time that suits us. We can eat the snacks that the cinemas don’t have and pause it to go to the loo. Can’t do that at the cinema.

We can send emails to our loved ones and friends telling them all the latest news and thoughts. We can, join an online church group to be spiritually nourished. We can call our friends to check in with them. We can dance around the house naked if we wanted to and just enjoy the moment. But we can also take time to just BE. BE in the moment, BE present and aware, BE alive and count our blessings. We can chose not to join the craziness and stockpiling that has left us bewildered at human behaviour. Instead we can seek out those stories of love, community spirit and hope. There is an amazing group on Facebook called Adopt a healthcare worker and its full of the selfless things people are doing to support each other. They are the CAN DO’s. Sending words of encourage to others, open your heart to listen to others concerns, Hold space for others and let them know you are ready to support them when they need. Sometimes that’s all someone needs to hear.

Most of all understand this is a moment in time, one shared by millions but it too will pass and life will go on as it has done for all of time. My hope is that we come out the other side counting our blessings and maybe with an altered mindset. One that puts humanity and connection first. One that is compassionate and forgiving. One that supports us to be ALL that we can be. One that says, ENOUGH to violence and hatred. I can only live in HOPE.

Self-care, self-aware, self-connection

God bless you and remember, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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