Suspension of Playgroup


Playgroup has been suspended until further notice. It is sad after such a wonderful start to the term but it is for everyone’s safety.

There is however a lot we can do with this forced break. We can connect fully with our children and family. Take time to listen to their concerns and tell them ours. We can recharge our batteries. We can rediscover books or a craft left behind in the hush of our daily lives.

To this aim I will be putting playgroup songs and stories on here each week for you to share with your little ones. I will also put on the weekly craft item and templates for you to do at home. If you need a can doorstep drop to you a pack with the items in. Email or call me.    or 0410 269 518

Keep in touch and know that as soon as we can, playgroup will resume.

Christyne, Liz, Jess, Oceana, Deb and Grannan


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